NDP Real Estate Signs & Services agrees to:

  • Provide fast and quality services helpful to realtors in the valley.
  • Set your sign by the front door or side of home when the post is removed to avoid it being damaged or stolen.
  • Provide a confirmation call/text to the phone number provided on the order form for all installations after the post has been installed.
  • Provide a “Form Confirmation” for all orders submitted online without a login. (If you do not receive one, we did not receive your order)
  • Login accounts will have a list of your posts, status of posts and a copy of your order forms.
  • An emailed receipt to the email provided on file during account setup anytime a customer’s account is processed for payment.

NDP Real Estate Signs & Services customer agrees to:

  • Provide accurate and complete orders.
  • Keep account and payment information up-to-date and all form confirmations for personal records.
  • Take responsibility for the rental and return of the post in good condition and to send removal requests as soon as the property sells to avoid charges to the customer and lost property for NDP Real Estate Signs & Services.
  • The post(s) will remain installed at the original address that has been requested. Customers may not move posts installed and owned by NDP Real Estate Signs & Services to additional properties than the original address submitted and paid for by the customer.
  • Customers will have all properties with hazards blue staked or marked by the homeowner where it is safe for our installer to install the post. NDP Real Estate Signs & Services are not responsible for damaged lines if the property is not marked.